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 850913  + JDH MR ELMO MANSO  [309/4] 
Sire:   919887  + MR. V8 458/7  [458/7] 
 878169  MISS V8 100/7 (P)  [100/7]
854004  + MR. V8 380/6  [380/6]
Dam:   925254  MISS V8 21/8  [21/8] 
888308  + MISS V8 382/7  [382/7]

  Mr V8 374/8

ABBA #988539                DOB: 3/11/18
MR. V8 458/7 (NOBLE)
MISS V8 21/8 (
Conventional - $50 straw
Sexed (Female)   $100 straw
5 Straw min. on all semen purchases

This bulls pedigree needs very little introduction. His World Famous sire is well known as "Noble" Mr V8 458/7, who is an own son of Elmo Manso. He is a triple trait leader for WW,YW and Disposition.Also he the number 1 sire of Champions in the USA for 2020 and 2019!!

His Dam is also one who needs little to no introduction. She is Miss V8 21/8 (V8 380/6 daughter) which is better known as "BOOM SHAKA LAKA" whom is the only grey Brahman female in history to be a two-time Houston Grand Champion Female.She has produced amazing matings also.

*Rip is a full Brother to the emerging herd sire "DUTTON"

*Birthweight suitabe for both Brahman and commercial use

This Bull is producing some awesome offsprings for Wooten Farms that are good enough to enter the show ring but most importantly, functional enough to build you an amazing herd .

Semen now for Sale on "RIP" Mr V8 374/8

 891572  JDH ALBERT MANSO  [179/8] 
 Sire 929845  KARA BOY 1004  [1004] 
893645  KARA 50  [50] 
 834221  MR SUNNYSIDE 158/2  [158/2] 
Dam 908176  TES MS SUNNYSIDE 377  [377] 
 869311  MS SUNNYSIDE 272/7  [272/7] 
Wooten Boy 45/7 "DIESEL"
SIRE- Kara Boy 1004
Conventional - $40 straw
ABBA # 966556          DOB-3/25/2017
Sexed (Female)   $85 straw
5 Straw min. on all semen purchases

Diesel is a very moderate frame bull with a low birth-weight, but his calves hit the ground growing. His calves are always the top picks when customers come to the farm because of their docility and disposition.He has several calves in the show ring at this moment.His heifers carry a very classy feminine look that is sure to catch your eye! He is a JDH ALBERT MANSO grandson so he's definitely not lacking in pedigrees.If docility and class in your calves is what your looking for, then look not further. 

*Sutiable for your Registered or Commercial Herd 

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